Visions and Miracles

Visions & Miracles DVD

Visions and Miracles in Modern Day Egypt?


A documentary film providing never-before seen footage of visions and miracles that have taken place in modern day Egypt.

Travel with us down the Nile and see with your own eyes the visions of Saint Mary as she mystically appeared over major sites in Cairo and the far desert town of Assiut. Witness the miracle of Samia, a young woman whose cancer was cured by a vision and who emits oil from her hand as proof of the supernatural intervention that saved her life.

Or watch as a beloved bishop dies at the altar on the exact day predicted in a prophetic dream. And then there are the martyrs of Akhmim, mummified remains of thousands of people who still bleed as living symbol of their faith, hundreds of years after being killed by a despotic Roman emperor.  This documentary is visual proof of the supernatural.