One Man’s Tale of Dying—And Then Waking Up

Dying to Wake-Up by Rajiv Parti, MD One Man’s Tale of Dying—And Then Waking Up - Featured in Time Magazine - Source 'Dr. Parti was literally transformed by the light' Near-death experiences are extraordinary. The idea of leaving one’s body at the point of death, traveling to a heavenly realm and seeing beloved relatives who have passed is truly a hero’s journey. I have written a dozen books on the subject, and I am constantly in contact with near-death experience researchers as well as those who have had the experience. Their stories may eventually answer mankind’s greatest question: What happens when we die? Which brings us to Dr. Rajiv Parti, former chief of anesthesiology at Bakersfield Heart Hospital. His is most likely the best near-death experience I have ever heard, not just for the experience itself, but for the transformation it led to. In 2008 Dr. Parti was Chief of Anesthesiology at Bakersfield Heart Hospital in California. He derived his identity and happiness from the incredible wealth and prestige his job gave him. He lived in a mansion, had several luxury cars and was able to purchase most any material goods he wanted. For some reason this made him feel invincible. In August of that year everything changed. He was ...

What happens during a Near-Death Experience?

Have you had a near-death experience? One that involved one or more of these elements? Did you encounter God or a presence you thought might be God? Or, not listed here, did you encounter hell or have a hellish experience? Here is an infographic that tells what happens during a near-death experience.  Tell us your