The man who named the
“Near Death” experience


This memoir of Raymond Moody, MD, PhD, is an intimate look at the man who created the field of near death studies and named the near death experience. It is an exciting, and heart-wrenching self-exploration of the man who fearlessly wrestled with humankind’s most important and perplexing question: What happens when we die?

Paranormal: My Life in Pursuit of the Afterlife

Paranormal begins with a harrowing account of Moody’s suicide attempt—due to an un-diagnosed illness that led him into depression—and proceeds to explore his lifelong fascination with life beyond our bodies. Moody traces the roots of his obsession with the point of death and how he launched the entirely new medical field of near-death studies. His exploration dramatically advances paranormal research by melding ancient and modern techniques to arouse many of the transformative elements of the near-death experience in people who are still living.

After more than four decades of studying death and the possibility of an afterlife, Moody still sees endless promise in the fringes of psychological sciences, where he continues to seek answers to what happens to our souls after death.