Glimpses of Eternity

Glimpses of Eternity

Can we share NDEs?


Glimpses of Eternity is the first book to explore shared death experiences, a common but mysterious experience of family and friends sharing a loved one’s journey from this life to the next. Readers will discover deathbed moments when entire families see the light or the room changes shape. Others tell of seeing a film like review of a loved one’s life and learning things that they could never have known otherwise. The stories are at once a comfort and a mystery, giving us a new understanding of the journey that we will take at the end of our lives.

It is the study of these experiences, that may finally prove life after death. – Dr. Raymond Moody


A forensic psychiatrist and researcher who gave “near-death experiences their name,” Dr. Moody provides dozens of stories of people who have been a part of shared death experiences. Over the years, people have shared their stories with Dr. Moody. He himself experienced this extraordinary event when his mother passed away.

Dr. Moody explains the different types of shared death experiences including:

  • Entire families gathered for a loved one’s passing all see a bright light from an unknown source.
  • Some witness a gentle mist rising from the body of a parent who has just died.
  • Others tell of accompanying a family member halfway to heaven.
  • People being treated to a life review of the dying person.
  • Some are aware of spirits in the room.

In addition to the many cases of shared death experience, Glimpses of Eternity also features shared death experiences throughout history and offers the top ten questions people ask Dr. Moody. Also presented are the scientific findings about these experiences, showing that they are not just someone’s imagination.