About Us

Afterlife Explorer is a collection of books and films by Raymond Moody, MD and Paul Perry that are aimed at those interested in near-death experiences, historical mysteries, and paranormal events. Included in the collection of media found on these pages are books by other authors, too, those whose work in spiritual adventure has piqued the interest of this duo. By opening the door for you to read, rent or purchase our books and videos, they are encouraging you to join them on the adventure of a lifetime, and perhaps beyond.  

Raymond Moody, MD, PhD
The author of Life After Life, one of the 100 best-selling non-fiction books, Moody is known as the father of near death studies and is the researcher who coined the name “near-death experience.”

Paul Perry
The author and film director of Jesus in Egypt, Perry has co-authored four New York Times bestsellers, including Closer to the Light and Evidence of the Afterlife. His film work has taken him around the world and has earned him the title of Grand Cross Knight in the Portuguese Royal House.