Raymond Moody, M.D. with Paul Perry; The Light Beyond

Explorations Into The Afterlife

For decades Dr. Raymond Moody has been studying the phenomenon of Near Death Experiences- studying thousands of case histories of adults and children who have clinically reached the point of death and survived. Now the world-renowned expert on the subject, Dr. Moody sits down with friend and colleague, Paul Perry to share his wealth of information on the subject.

Now, for the first time, Dr. Moody presents this wealth of new information to the general public information that uncovers secrets and opens the doors to a powerful message of love from the frontier between life and death. You will discover startling, newly confirmed phenomena such as:

  • The experience of meeting one’s loved ones in the afterlife and the ability to “tap into” knowledge of any sort.
  • What the moving near-death experiences of children can teach us.
  • Why NDEs inspire permanent change, greater appreciation of life, more concern for others, increased belief in an afterlife, and decreased fear of death.
  • Why medical professionals are considering initiating aggressive scientific research into near-death experiences… and much more.

Dr. Moody offers answers and peace of mind for those who wonder about death.

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When Rajiv Parti, MD had a near death experience, he was taken on a journey that involved a rare glimpse into heaven, hell, and previous lives. The near death experience changed him from a materialistic, ego-driven doctor to a spiritually transformed individual. He left his anesthesia practice, sold his home and cars and began a search for a new way to practice medicine and live his life. His story answers the age old question: Can near death experiences transform our lives?

Dali's Greatest Secret DVD


Salvador Dali was at the top of his artistic fame, yet had a fear he could not conquer: Death. Cloning may be the answer, he thought, until he found it would replicate only his body, not his memory. Revealing, touching and puzzling, Dali’s Greatest Secret takes us on the spiritual journey of history’s greatest surrealist artist. Dali’s Greatest Secret is an untold story that changes our view of Salvador Dali and answers many mysteries in his work and personal life. 


In his bestselling book, Evidence of the Afterlife, Dr. Jeffrey Long showed us that there is a strong scientific case for life after death. At the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, Dr. Long studied the NDE stories of 3,000 people from diverse backgrounds and religious traditions, including nonbelievers. Though there are a wide variety of differences in how people experience NDE’s – he discovered that many of the accounts shared a remarkably similar description of God. Now, in God and the Afterlife, Dr. Long presents startling evidence that a Supreme Being exists and there is amazing consistency about what he is like; it reveals evidence that God is real.